Kidamento vs. Cheap Kids' Toy Camera Sold on Amazon or at Walmart

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Cheaper Products Equal Cheaper Quality

Do a camera search on Amazon or Walmart and you will find a wide variety of low-priced cameras from which to choose. Most are quite similar in features, with minor differences such as the inclusion of a case or the addition of games.

They will brag about all the bells and whistles their products come with, but have you ever noticed that they will not present the consumer with an unedited photo from their cameras? Because, they know that if they did, no one would actually want to purchase their product.

We decided to do our own little test. We purchased one of these mass-produced, less-expensive cameras and checked it out for ourselves. Why did we do this? Because we want you, the consumer, to understand that quality does not often come at a low cost.

In the photo above, this is the quality you would find in a typical camera sold on Amazon or at Walmart. The manufacturing cost of this camera is estimated at roughly 14% of our Model K.

Now, we knew this test had to be fair, so, to compare, we took several real, unedited photo from our cameras. 

Although we recognize that the quality isn’t up to par with a professional-grade, expensive, and fragile model, we think the quality is on target for what your child considers pretty awesome.

kidamento photos
kidamento camera real picture model c
kidamento camera quality
This picture below is taken by Model K with insufficient indoor room lighting (shared by a customer). 

To make sure our above photo wasn’t a fluke, we took another photo, below, and printed it out as a 4 x 6 photograph. Fellow Canadians may recognize where this picture was taken (hint: falls).

Here is another one from our customer.
kidamento camera photo quality

As you can see, the photo quality is considerably superior to the well-known Vtech Kidizoom series, and, might we add, their series doesn’t incorporate all the amazing features our cameras include. Features like built-in, rechargeable battery power, Wi-Fi connectivity, and is made from earth and child-friendly materials.

We are confident that none of the extras that Vtech and other less expensive models brag about can make up for the lack of picture quality nor compare to what our models can offer to you and your children.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we are positive that our pictures speak for themselves. Put quality into everything your child captures, check out our selection of cameras here.


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