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Bundle - Model P Koko the Panda
Cheryl N. (Naples, US)

Very disappointed because it came in after Christmas!

Koko the Panda - Model P
Julia S. (Sonora, US)
Works great

My 7 yo kid loves it and him and his friends take the sweetest photos of each other, the photos are way better from their perspective than mine. 10 out of 10 would recommend ;)

Instant Print Paper Refill - Model P
Linda K. (Fort Myers, US)
Love it

My four grandchildren are loving taking pictures wherever they go!

Meowie the Cat - Model K
Jessica (Altoona, US)
Cutest little camera for little hands!

We bought the Model K (Meowie the Cat) as a Christmas present for our 5 year old daughter. It is so stinking cute and fits in her hands perfectly. Really well made and easy to use. She loves it and has a lot of fun with the little built-in edit features. My only complaint is I wish the picture quality was a little bit better. Aside from that I would definitely recommend!

Meowie the Cat - Model K
Shelby (Luxemburg, US)
Great camera

We bought this for our daughter as a birthday gift and she has used it almost every day since. It's a huge hit! I wish the photos were a little higher quality for the price but overall she loves it and that's all that matters.

Koko the Panda Bundle 1 - Model P
Chelsea G. (Three Hills, CA)
Kids are happy

Overall the camera was extremely easy to use and set up. Loved that. My kids printed an entire role the first day they had so much fun. I didn't give it five stars because I felt like the quality level of the pictures wasn't great. Easily blury and not very sharp. I expected more from that aspect. But overall it is very cute and love that it prints and easy to use.

Koko the Panda Bundle 1 - Model P
David L. (Long Beach, US)
My Niece Can’t Get Enough

Since getting this, my niece can’t stop taking photos. Funnily enough she things the back is the front because that’s how smartphone are, and that’s how she takes selfies.

Bundle - Model P Koko the Panda
Aubrey W. (Alameda, US)
Perfect gifts for an Explorer

My 3.5 year old loves taking photos with our cell phones so getting him his own camera that also prints pictures has been so fun for him (and us)! The camera is durable and the buttons are simple enough for him to figure out himself while still have tons of different functions!

Koko the Panda - Model P
Gloria L. (Barrie, CA)
Amazing open ended toy

This camera fosters her creative side in so many ways. The printer option allows her create photo books, cards and art in new ways. She is fully independent with this camera. I can see this will bring joy for years to come.

Meowie the Cat - Model K
Kelly (Sherwood Park, CA)
Great customer service

When my daughters first camera quite working they were very helpful to get a replacement sent.
She absolutely loves this camera and was heart broken when it quit working. But thanks to their hands on service it was resolved.
My only real complaint is that the sound quality on video mode is not good, it's just noise.
It's cute and a great size. Easy to use.

Koko the Panda Bundle 2 - Model P
Marie-Noelle M. (Montreal, CA)
Not what was expected

One of the camera doesnt print and is supposed to- the one who does,prints out pictures broken in the middle

Hi! I just sent you a msg. I'm sure we can help!

Koko the Panda Bundle 2 - Model P
Alejandra L. (Chemainus, CA)
Excellent product

We are fully satisfied with this item.
Our daughter is using her creativity and she truly feels accomplished.
The design allows children to understand the use and operation quite quickly.
This particular model allows children to enjoy the advantage of handling real prints which is s joy that I wanted my daughter to have (and that got “taken away “ in the digital era).
I congratulate the kidamento team for their great cameras and for providing children the opportunity of using their creativity in such a safe and healthy way . Thank you 😊

Koko the Panda - Model P
Jorge V. (Stockton, US)
Great Kid’s Camera

The camera arrived after Christmas after the delivery company delivered it to the wrong address (it would have arrived just in time if they hadn’t messed up). However Roland and Zoe were quick to respond and have a replacement sent that arrived just in time for a post Christmas Disneyland trip. Our daughter loved it and took non-stop selfies and other pictures. The resolution is a little lower but it didn’t distract from her enthusiasm. She even printed out pictures and selfies and gave them to some of the characters and performers. We were a little worried about it arriving late but Roland and Zoe sent out emails apologizing for delays and updating their delivery times. Our daughter loves her camera and keeps talking about our next trips when she can take more pictures!

Koko the Panda - Model P
Joy A. (Vancouver, CA)
Great Gift for Grandchild

This camera has given my seven year old granddaughter many hours of pleasure. One of the best gifts I have bought for a grandchild

Meowie the Cat - Model K
Tammy W. (Waldheim, CA)
Great little camera!

Our 8 year old loves her new camera. It’s easy to use but very good quality, especially for a child.

Bundle - Model K Meowie the Cat
Victoria M. (Washington, US)
Kid is obsessed

Huge hit for my 4 year old's birthday. She asks to bring it everywhere, shows us her pictures constantly, and is actually taking decent care of it! Very simple set up, very intuitive to use.

Meowie the Cat - Model K
Renee S. (Columbus, US)
Meowie the Cat

Such a great and easy to use camera! My 6 year old is enjoying taking pictures and creating videos. Great product and would purchase again!

Zippy the Sloth - Model K
Gabriella K. (Beacon, US)

The camera is perfect for a little kiddo. It’s cute and small enough for the little hands to operate it. I had read comments where someone mentioned it’s hard to use, but before I could look at the camera our little one (8 years old) was already snapping away and using the filters.

Besides the camera, I must let anyone know one of the most important things when purchasing a kidamento camera…. AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!! They are great with updating and responding. I would definitely recommend kidamento 100 times over !! Thank you Roland and Zoe!!!

Mikayo the Bear - Model C
Samantha (Holland, US)
Just what we needed!

This little camera is perfect for little hands (3yo) and can withstand when his little sister gets ahold of it (1yo). He is constantly taking pictures and still has not ran out ofnspace a month later. The controls are easy for him to figure out and he likes playing with all the filters. Also the customer service was above and beyond!

Bundle - Model P Koko the Panda
Jennifer (Lincoln, US)
My kid loves it!

I ordered a camera, refill paper, and book in late November. However we did not receive everything until after Christmas. While mildly disappointing, Zoe and Roland eventually did a great job of keeping me informed about the reasons for the delays and how hard they were working to ship out the orders. At Christmas, we just wrapped a picture of the camera and it was just as special when it did a mini extended Christmas. My 8-year old finished the first roll of paper within a few days...mostly on selfies! :0) So glad I ordered extra paper! The camera itself is super cute and good quality. Unfortunately, my kid wasn't as interested in the book and doing the challenges within it, but maybe in time. To Zoe and Roland, thanks for being open and honest about the delays. I can't imagine how stressful it was for you.

Koko the Panda - Model P
Laura D. (Los Angeles, US)
Good product. Poor customer service.

I ordered a camera and refill paper and late november. However we did not receive it until january. It was very disappointing that my kids did not have it to open on Christmas. While customers were notified that there were shipping delays, I was never given any kind of estimated arrival date for the product. Several emails that I sent asking for an estimated shipping date either went unanswered or were returned as a generic response. I was also told that we'd be receiving some type of gift card and exchange for the extreme shipping delay. However, that still has not occurred.

Zippy the Sloth - Model K
Emily A. (Manila, US)

My daughter LOVES her camera!
It was easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to download the pictures. It has been used every single day since the package arrived. Her photography skills are improving too.

Iris the Unicorn - Model V
Erin R. (Beaverton, CA)

My son LOVES it-so many great features and we love that he can be creative without the distraction of a smartphone!

Zippy the Sloth - Model K
Katie B. (Vancouver, CA)
Perfect for kids!

My kids are loving their zippy the sloth camera! It is so easy for them to navigate and use, the perfect size for their little hands and so super cute! They have taken it with them everywhere and always get compliments on it! The customer service is also amazing with this company and I love that it is a small family owned business - one we will continue to support!

MicroSD Memory Card - 32GB
Kimberly L. (Placentia, US)

Never received my order