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Silicone Bag - Purple Unicorn
Emma F.M. (British Columbia)
Cute bag

Got the purple unicorn silicone bag with the model k camera and my unicorn loving 5 year old daughter LOVES it! It’s a great size, light, and I think the perfect case to keep the camera safe

Mikayo the Bear - Model C
Racine O. (Colorado)
Perfect for tots!

My 3 year old niece absolutely loved this little camera, and she might’ve loved the bumble bee bag even more. It’s a stimulating and encouraging gift for kids and it’s perfect for any random moment or adventure!

MicroSD Memory Card - 32GB
Donna D. (Ontario)

Loves it. Taking photos already

Akito the Fox - Model C
Dorothy O. (Ohio)

My Granddaughter is LOVING Akita!! She takes him to family outings to capture photos! She is 3 and learning how to use it!

Mikayo the Bear - Model C
Theodore C. (Ontario)
Great Camera for my little guy

Love the build and the fact it comes with everything you need, he enjoys snapping and it’s cool to see the World from his perspective

Thankful for the extra storage. The original memory card the camera came with did not work so we are so thankful.

We love the camera so much!!

Meowie the Cat - Model K
Amanda (New Jersey)
4th Birthday Gift

Got this for my daughters 4th birthday and she loved it instantly! Each day she picks it up and takes pictures of everything around her. Super easy for her to figure out. Need to keep reminding her to put the lens cap back on but otherwise has been easy for her. Kitty camera and bee case are both so cute!! Love that there are no games and she just focuses on taking pictures/videos. Amazing gift!!

Meowie the Cat - Model K
Joanna (Oregon)
Absolutely cute!

My daughter (5) had so much fun taking pictures and showing it to everyone! Loved her bday gift! Easy to use and great quality pics!

Zippy the Sloth - Model K
Gramma (Alberta)
Birthday gift

My three year old grandson just received this yesterday and is enjoying it so far. 114 photos and counting!

Mikayo the Bear - Model C
Sharon (England)
Lovely item and easy to use

Our granddaughter loved this gift. Very child friendly. Lovely to get a camera for children without video games on it. Would highly recommend

Meowie the Cat - Model K
Sergio M.D. (Luxembourg)
Best camera for your kid

We love that it’s so easy to use, no games, and minimum quality to be able to print the pictures.

Zippy the Sloth - Model K
Tara M. (Colorado)
This is the one!

This is a great kid's camera: easy to use, the right amount of functionality, durable, and easy for young hands to handle. I'm glad we purchased it!

Mikayo the Bear - Model C
Alyssa G. (Massachusetts)
Toddler loves it!

Got this for my son for his third birthday and it has been a hit! He is obsessed with taking pictures in my phone and he hasn’t touched my phone since. It’s so cute to see what he finds important and wants to capture!

Just Perfect !

I order this for my 2 1/2 year old because he had seen the ad and wanted a camera. I thought it would be fun to see life through his eyes from the pictures he takes . He just loves it and the printing feature makes even more fun . He keeps all of them in a box . The camera takes nice pictures and videos . Is durable and so cute . And it is a legit company with excellent customer service 😊

Zippy the Sloth - Model K
Allie (Michigan)
Great camera!

I got this as a gift for my 3yo's birthday, and while it wasn't the most exciting gift that day, he has consistently pulled it out every day since to take pictures of his cars, Mommy, the dog, etc. I love seeing what he thinks is important enough to deserve a pic and his selfies are amazing!

Instant Print Paper Refill - Model P
Nina (British Columbia)

The camera, and thermal paper/stickers for photo prints exceeded my expectations. Our 4yr old son absolutely LOVES this camera and printing photos, everywhere we go he takes pictures of people to give them their pics. I can't recommend this enough, we are at a point in time where our kids more often than not will not see a physical photograph - this is cost effective and amazing to provide this once in a lifetime experience for any little! Love love love.

Koko the Panda - Model P
Barbara E. (New Jersey)

My granddaughter loved her Koko camera and shared all the photos with her younger sister, who peeled off the backs and then stuck them all over her dress! 😄

The pictures have terrible quality. It’s fun for the little one, though!

Great kids camera!

Zippy the Sloth - Model K
Karla B. (California)
great camera!

bought as a gift and it was their favorite gift!

Zippy the Sloth - Model K
Rochelle L. (New York)
Great camera

Perfect gift for my 4 1/2 year old grandson! He learned how to use it immediately!

Worth the money!

My grandchildren 6 and 7 years old are having so much fun with this camera. It’s easy to use and they love reviewing the picture they’ve taken. Best of all there are NO Batteries! The camera comes with the cord for recharging. It is worth the money.

Model K Cameras

I bought for my boys for easter! These are amazing quality and I absolutely love how simple they are to use.

My daughter love it, she take pictures all the time