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MicroSD Memory Card - 32GB
Sandra W. (British Columbia)
Gift for grandson

Parent comments: It's an awesome little camera. He loves it so much.

Meowie the Cat - Model K
Claire (Brussels Capital)
Great camera for little kids!

My daughter just got one for her 3rd birthday. She loves taking pictures and watching her photos on the large screen, running around to show everyone her pics.
As parents, we are pretty impressed by the image quality and no game is a real plus for us!
Two small downsides: the lens cap just falls off pretty easily. I wish it was more strongly attached. My little girl also struggles at the beginning to take a pic as a long push on the shutter button shuts off the camera (why not simply using the touchscreen?). That would have made a star camera.
Anyway, I would strongly recommand getting a Model K as it's the best I've seen so far!

Meowie the Cat - Model K
L.R. (Manitoba)
Great little cameras!

My girls each have one (ages 7&4) and they love them. They take lots of pictures and videos! I’d encourage everyone to also buy the extra memory card as they have a lot more room for photos then. I love all of the features and the fact that there are no games on the camera. My one suggestion would be to include a zoom feature. That would make me give it 5 stars!


Got this for my 5 year olds birthday, just brilliant and being able to print out photos makes a huge difference, in making it more engaging. it's been a fab investment!

Mikayo the Bear - Model C
Khadijah (Texas)
The camera is good

I was really excited about the camera. We had fun with it for a couple of days and now it's back in it's box. The reason i give it 3 stars is because the instructions manual could be more elaborate and some of the buttons are so hard making it hard to maneuver from one setting to another.

Mikayo the Bear - Model C
Gail E. (England)
Mikayo the Bear - Perfect Gift

I ordered this camera as a gift for my granddaughter, who lives in Canada. We went away to Croatia to celebrate her 3rd birthday and she loved taking pictures of us all to celebrate the occasion. Customer Service and helpful emails about the product were much appreciated and my granddaughter loves her camera - the perfect gift, so cute and easy to use.
Thank you so much Kidamento :)

Bundle - Model K Zippy the Sloth
Toni (New Hampshire)

We gifted this to our 4yr old for her birthday and she loves it. It’s feels durable and well made. We’ve had no issues thus far.

Bundle - Model K Zippy the Sloth
Peter S. (Pennsylvania)
Totally Worth It!!

I got this for my almost 4 year old daughter who was constantly asking to “go take pictures” with me. I ordered the bundle and am extremely happy. It’s such a great product and very kid friendly. There was an issue with shipping and the CEO made it immediately right. He refunded the express shipping that I selected, and the product arrived soon after. I give this product and company 5 stars! Way to go Kidamento!!

Iris the Unicorn - Model V
Alexandra W. (Louisiana)
Honestly, exceed expectations!

I got this camera for my 5 year old daughter to take on our big vacation this summer. The price tag was steep, but I still wasn’t expecting much from a kids camera. But the photo and video resolution on the little thing is actually really good. My kid figured out how to use it pretty easily and is OBSESSED with it. I read in a couple reviews that the propellers were flimsy. Unfortunately, very true. One broke off the second day. Not a big deal since it’s just cosmetic. I wish they sold replacement parts. My puppy chewed up the rubber camera handle two weeks after I got it. Big bummer. But great camera overall and a great gift idea!

Koko the Panda - Model P
Melinda O. (California)

My grandsons bday is June 9th. I bought it early. I’m sure he will love this camera! My daughter highly recommended it

Akito the Fox - Model C
Catherine K. (Colorado)
Excellent customer service

I ordered this as a gift for my son’s birthday. It was stolen before I could get it out of the mail box. The post office refused to honor the insurance and I was so sad to have lost this present. I reached out to kidamento and they went above and beyond to help me! They ended up sending us another camera free of charge. My son LOVES this camera. It has been so fun to see what he seems as special enough to photograph throughout his day.

Excellent and Cute Product

My girls have used this camera on one outing and I downloaded the images and videos to the computer. They are great high quality images and I’m impressed! These will generate a lot of mementos for the future from a child’s perspective, the best part is that it reminds me of the mid-90s types of VHS style videos — it just has a very classic vintage feel.

The only issue is that I’ve been getting an error about the MicroSD which is only solved by popping the SD card in and out of the slot. The way it is designed, you really have a push your nail in it to get it out so it isn’t super easy to do. I’m not sure if it’s a faulty SD card or if the reader is just slightly off — hope it isn’t a continued issued in the future or that it decreases the lifetime of the product.

Meowie the Cat - Model K
Erin O. (Idaho)

The BEST company and cameras!!!!!!!

Meowie the Cat - Model K
Customer (California)
Great for 5 year old

Camera is great.. had issue and they sent a new camera. I don’t like the software to download images however.

Meowie the Cat - Model K
Lindsay B. (California)
I really wish the app worked

I bought this for my daughter's 4th birthday a couple of weeks ago. It was simple and easy to use and she picked it up quickly. She loves to take pictures. I don't have a personal computer so loved the idea of being able to just upload the pictures via the wifi connection. I have not once been able to get it to work. After looking on their website at other reviews, apparently its a common problem. When I emailed support, they said they knew it didn't really work and that I can use the cord (but I don't have a personal computer and don't want to put them on my work laptop.) They should just take the app sync off their material because I don't think it works for anyone.

Meowie the Cat - Model K
Amy P. (British Columbia)
Very Happy!

I purchased this for a 5th bday present for my daughter and she loves her new camera! I’m really happy with this purchase.

Mikayo the Bear - Model C
Alexis W. (Hawaii)
Excellent Product & Customer Service!

I saw these cameras on instagram from an influencer and knew my kids (4 & 6) would love it. They always want to play with my DLSR but it makes me nervous since it’s so expensive and bulky. I got these and they are so cute and perfect size for little hands! The lanyard is perfect as it doubles as the charging chord and export chord for the camera. Small enough to pack for a trip! I received one that wouldn’t recognize the SD card it came with. I emailed and they sent a new one right away! Excellent quick and responsive customer service. I highly recommend Kidamento :)

Iris the Unicorn - Model V
Tova D. (Alberta)
Unicorn camera

My 5 year old loves her new camera. It is easy to use and she loves documenting her day with her unicorn camera. Highly recommend!

Akito the Fox - Model C
Marti B. (Washington)

This was a gift, so I can't really review it.

Kids camera

Gréât little camera and very intuitive for a 5 year old to use. First camera died within the first week but they sent a replacement very fast. Excellent customer service!

Bundle - Model P Koko the Panda
Marion R. (Queensland)

Perfect camera for little ones, easy to pick up too!
My daughter loved customizing it and being able to colour the photos she take!


This camera is amazing! I bought it for my 7 year old as a fun activity we could do over the summer (I purchased the bundle with the activity book). He has already spent hours taking pictures and videos in and around our house, with his cousins, and even spent a day entertaining my daycare children with fun pictures!
Will definitely be buying more as gifts for nieces and nephews 😊

Koko the Panda - Model P
Leanne I. (Ontario)
Birthday gift for granddaughter

My 3 year old granddaughter loves this camera. She’s been printing photos and is so proud of her work!

Akito the Fox - Model C
Savannah F.R. (California)
Best gift for my 4 year old

My child loved taking photos on my phone, so when I found Kidamento I knew it would be a great gift for her. It has been so amazing to see her interest flourish in photography, and to get to view the world through her perspective!

Amazing Camera

This is fantastic! I like that it is just a digital camera. Love the animal themes, easy to use! My grandson loves it! Wonderful product