Kids and the Art of Photography, Why It’s More Than Just Taking Pictures

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Why should kids learn photography?

We teach our kids many useful skills, from learning how to swim to playing a sport, to riding a bike. But one of the most important ones they can acquire is how to interact with the world and people around them.

Taking a picture or a video on a camera is more than just children capturing a moment; it is also about expanding their creativity. It allows them to study their environment with an analytical eye and helps them to better develop their fine motor skills.

Take a walk with your children and they will enjoy the exercise, the fresh air, and the time spent together. Ask those same children to capture what they see through a camera lens, and, suddenly their creativity and imagination are sparked.

They start examining their surroundings differently, from how the sunlight captures the trees to noticing the textures of flowers and surrounding plants. Now, their connection with their environment has broadened as has their language and the way they can describe what they see.

While learning how to use the camera, they will have to visualize what they want the picture to look like and, in turn, this will teach them to do the same when they envision future goals. They will ask themselves, what steps need to be taken to accomplish what they want?

Learning the art of photography also helps to teach children to slow down a bit. By pausing to look through the lens of a camera at a person, a flower, or even a beloved toy, we are teaching them to be in the moment. We at Kidamento believe that children need to learn to be appreciative of the world and the people around them.

The benefits of learning photography are so great that ultimately, it doesn’t matter which skill they are working on while they are using a camera; what matters is they are continuing to question, grow, and simply have fun.

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