Global News TV Selects Kidamento’s Cameras for Helping Ease Anxiety

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month and Global News Morning has been highlighting the importance of putting mental health first with a series entitled Mental Health Matters. On May 17, 2022, tech expert Kris Abel [Kris's Twitter link] joined host Liem with some apps and gadgets that have calming effects. 

Kidamento’s cameras were among the six chosen items that can help calm individuals and ease anxiety. Tech expert Kris comments that photography is a great activity for helping ease anxiety, it helps you focus externally on the outside world and notice positive things. 

He then draws attention to how fantastic it is that Kidamento is a Toronto company that has an entire series of cameras designed specifically for kids. He highlights the software that the cameras are implemented with; when the cameras are booted up they say “Have a nice day”. 

Kidamento has always been pleased to introduce the world of photography to children, helping them form building blocks for higher levels of learning, including fine motor skills, communication, social interaction, and more. 

Showcasing Kidamento’s series of cameras as a way to treat anxiety and mental health transcends the original purpose Kidamento had for their cameras. This is another positive aspect of cameras that this Canadian brand is proud to promote. 

Here is the link to the Global News Morning show clip focusing on easing anxiety and stress:

The story behind Kidamento®:

Kidamento was created by Zoe and Roland, a Canadian wife and husband duo, who have always loved the concept of photography and the meanings behind it. After the birth of their son Nathan, they wanted to offer him the world of imagination. 

They searched for potential cameras on the current market but were disappointed to find that most were more game-focused, lacked picture quality, and had limited memory storage. Together, they took an idea and their engineering knowledge and launched Kidamento in 2019.

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