How to Select a Kids Camera for Your Child

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Some believe that to become a photographer one must be great at taking photos, but one must first take photos to develop the skills of photography. This is true no matter the age and is why we must encourage our children to develop their photo-taking skills, even at a young age.

When introducing a digital camera to your child, you will want to consider some key factors that relate directly to their age. A preschooler, for example, will likely be taking lots of photos of their feet and their favorite stuffies. While an 8-year-old might be curious about using the flash feature and capturing a fun, family portrait.

And don’t worry if they don’t have an interest in photography… yet. A camera for children can make a great gift from anyone. Not only are you encouraging them to be creative, use their imagination, and are helping them to cultivate necessary developmental skills, but it is the gift that keeps on giving.

A budding photographer that develops the hobby of photography will love receiving camera accessories, frames to display their works of art, and even may want to take a photography class to help develop their skills.

Knowing that you want your children to develop this life skill, much in the same way you want them to learn how to swim or ride a bike is the easy part. What now comes is the hard part; how do you select an age-appropriate camera? But don’t worry, here at Kidamento, we’ve got you covered.

Important Features to Consider

When selecting a digital camera for your child, you should pay attention to a few notable features.

Little Fingers, Big Buttons

When buying a camera for smaller children, particularly those who are still trying to develop their hand-eye coordination, bigger is better. Make sure to choose a camera with a big button to ease any possible frustration that littles can sometimes be known for.

Also, for the younger children who aren’t reading just quite yet, select a camera that uses icons over words as it can help avoid any confusion over the purpose of a button. Still unsure? Try putting yourself in the eyes of your child to see the world from their perspective.

Made to Last and with Hands-Free Attachments

Kids are known for accidents, stumbles, and tumbles. You will want to ensure that the camera you select can withstand any drops or bumps that come along the way. Luckily, most cameras that advertise a younger age group, such as any of the Kidamento cameras, made for ages 3-9, are ready to take on what your children can throw at it.

A camera should be made to go wherever your children want to go, but even if your children aren’t into rock climbing, select one that comes with a camera strap. And if the time ever does come that they decide to become a rock-climbing enthusiast, they will be able to climb to the summit of their mountain all while safely recording their epic adventure.   

Added Features

While point and shoot is a great feature for young, little hands, for a pre-teen or teenager, you may want to consider a camera that will allow for them to explore more options. Letting them develop their photographer’s eye with qualities such as manual focus and night mode will open up a world of possibilities.

Display Screen

A display screen is a great added feature that will allow your children to see the whole picture of what they are trying to capture. Camera display screens can come in various sizes, so select the one you think will best suit your child’s needs.

Rechargeable Battery-Operated

Children are well-known for their amazing ability to leave things on; the lights, the television, and any devices they are using. Add in constantly having to buy batteries because of their inattentive nature and you have an unwanted and unnecessary expense on your hands.

Try to select a camera that has a rechargeable battery. Not only will it charge quickly with a simple plug-in to the wall, but it won’t corrode your device and possibly damage it if your camera is left unused for some time.

A World of Possibility

A digital camera is a great way to open the world of possibility, for we often never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Never be afraid that your child doesn’t have the talent to take pictures because a memory is more intimate than any technique or skill.

Don’t let your children’s memories fade, help them capture them all by introducing them to the exciting world of photography. Be sure to check out our selection to fit all your children’s photography needs.  


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