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This is a bundle product, it includes 1 Model P camera, and 2 printing refill sets.

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing Classroom Tool!

I am so impressed with this camera! My students LOVED it. The camera is easy to use by my students, it fits perfectly in their hands. The sticker paper is amazing and my students love putting their stickers on their water bottles and binders. The camera and its photos make for a great home-school connection and my classroom parents are so impressed by this tool. I have started using it for monthly “show me” lessons and the photos are amazing. Highly recommend this camera!

Wanted to love - good printer, lacklustre camera

I wanted to love this camera way more than I - and my child - actually do. The printing of pics is the best part. It is cheap, easy, and they’re good black and white quality. We basically just use the camera though as a printer for pictures I’ve taken on my own phone, because the camera itself leaves a lot to be desired. There is considerable lag time between the picture button being pressed, and the photo actually being taken, resulting in blurry pictures almost every time. If you hold very steady for a good 1-2 seconds after hitting the button then you can get a clear picture, but this is impossible for a child to do. The picture also isn’t displayed on the screen right after taking it, like with most digital cameras, so my child rushes to press the display button, to see the picture, making holding the camera steady for long enough extra challenging. If the picture was displayed for a moment after being taken, that would be helpful. Furthermore, the video sound is completely garbled, making this feature not very useable either. In short, great printer of pictures, and lovely customer service, but not so great otherwise.

Hi Tara,

Thanks for sharing your experience. First of all I am glad that you enjoying the printing part of the camera. Moreover, I still remember replying to your txt messages regarding MicroSD card installation (we've created a video instruction for that thanks for reporting the opportunity) and the software update. I am glad to answer your questions&concerns below.

- The delay after you press the shutter button to when the picture is actually captured is about half a second. While this is longer than a mobile phone camera which takes picture almost instantly, and people get used to this nowadays, it is considerably shorter delay compared to similar entry level toy digital cameras (normally ~1 seconds). With a little bit of practice, kids will learn it quickly. Practicing eye-hand coordination is a key to develop their fine motor skills. Due to instant printing feature, this camera is set at a slightly longer delay than Model C and Model K. We are testing whether or not we can further shorten the timer of Model P.

- After snapping a picture, it will display for a very short period on the screen. This is designed to be like that so kids can take pictures continuously without having to wait for too long before taking a new photo. We can look into running tests to update the timer as well. Thanks for the suggestion.

- We are rolling out the software upgrade to the gen 1 models to improve the microphone and speaker to reduce the noises in sound. I will txt you once it is complete. It should be good to go this week. Will keep you posted.

Thank you again for leaving us your review. We appreciate all your invaluable feedback. If there is anything else I can help with, do not hesitate to txt me.



excellent, kids enjoy printing their photos

Hi CV,

We truly appreciate your second review! Whenever you need support please do not hesitate to reach out to us.



excellent, both girls, 7 and 5 love the camera

Hi CV,

Thank you so much for your review. It makes us so happy to know the girls love the Koko instant print camera. This camera can do a lot, and we will share more fun ideas soon.


My Granddaughter loves it!

Got this for my granddaughters 6th BDay.
She loves it!
Fun to pose for her to take photos of us and to print them right away.
She is an expert with the camera and proud to show off her skills.

Hi Lorraine,

I am so happy your granddaughter loves Koko and was able to become an expert of the camera quickly. This camera has tons of features for her to explore, especially when it is connected to a parent's cellphone via the App. With the App you can print hundreds of cute stickers to color and print out ANY photo. Have fun!!


Model P Instant Print Digital Camera Bundle

$129.95 CAD