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Surprisingly fast!

My wife bought a competing camera for my daughter for Christmas and apparently the manufacturer doesn't bother supporting their products because they don't even have refill paper! Thank goodness I found you guys! Product came fast and fit just as advertised, will definitely be purchasing a camera from Kidamento next time...

Instant Print Paper BPA-free Refill Set - Model P

Thank you very much, everything is perfect, product and service ! I received my package in two days.

It’s The Best!

Me and my cousin had a fun time using it. I am six and my cousin is eight. We both got one. It’s fun you can color in the photos. The scrapbook is fun and easy to use. The camera is easy to use, too. I think it would be good for ages four to nine.

Repeat customer here! 🙋🏻‍♀️

I purchased two cameras (Model K- one kitty and one sloth) for my daughter and niece last year for Christmas, they LOVED them. This year I bought Koko - Model P for one of my nephews. I just heard from my sister-in-law, that both her sons love it! I regret not buying one for each of my nephews! Kidamento has great products and their customer service does not disappoint. I got all my cameras in a timely manner, and I know that if I have any questions or concerns, they are so quick to respond! They are a company I truly support! Thanks, Kidamento, for another great product! We’ll be back for more!

Great Product!

We gave this to our 4 year old for Christmas as she loves the idea of taking photos. Well she now loves the ability to do it for real and not just pretend. It only took her a couple of minutes to navigate how to take photos as well as look at photos she has taken. The fact that this camera also has the ability to take photos from the front and back is an added bonus I wasn't aware of but my daughter loved to take many selfies with. We have so many photos of random things, I think after the first day she took 250 photos. Battery life and memory card capacity are amazing! We have had some challenges, such as the frozen screen and "no memory card" but troubleshooting info comes with the product and they are easy fixes. Though I find it is a bit difficult to work the memory card as the first time I popped it out it went flying but that was 100% my error and lesson learned. This isn't a gift that is going to be set aside for long, it is so promising for taking on adventures and brings so much joy and independence.

Perfect Camera for my Toddler

Am so impressed with the overall design and look of this camera. We bought this for my daughter for Christmas and she loves it. I love that it is kid friendly but teaches her how to use a camera and can still have fun. Also love that it has the ability to print photos. Perfect camera and I would recommend this to anyone with younger kids who love to take pictures!!

Amazing kid camera

We got this for our five year old for Christmas, and it was a huge hit! She loves taking photos and selfies and it is very easy to use and understand. It is also super cute, seems very durable, and also small and light enough for her to handle easily. Really is a fantastic camera that I highly recommend.

The only con I have is that the battery life is very short. We fully charged it, and the camera was dead within 30 minutes. I thought maybe it wasn’t charged long enough even though it showed full battery, so we charged it overnight, and this morning the battery again only lasted about 30 minutes. She is just going to use it at home, so it isn’t a problem, just something to keep in mind if you plan on getting this for use outside the home!

Hi Caitlyn,

Thank you very much for your review. Can you please email our friendly support team The battery of this model is fairly large capacity, and should certainly last longer than 30 minutes on a full charge. Our team will help you do some simple troubleshooting and provide you with a solution until you are 100% happy.


beautiful little device

Incredible image quality, fun and cute design, I got labeled with stickers on day 1, safe to say it was a great purchase:)

Kiddo loves it

This was our 3yo's Christmas gift and she loves it. Christmas day she took almost 400 photos and two short videos. She likes exploring the different filters and color options. Can't wait to see how her skill improves and view the world through her eyes.

Cute and fun but not easy to use

Really wanted to love this.. it’s light weight and our 4 year old loved receiving this gift. It’s not point and shoot though he has to press the camera icon on the touch screen before it will take pictures and you can’t automatically see the picture taken.. you have to go to albums to see the photos.. not great for a little one that needs instant feedback.. sharing the photos and printing is also tricky .. great idea but overall we are disappointed with this product

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for leaving a review. We attempted to reach out but haven't received a reply from you.

Let me list your concerns below and then I will answer them one by one. Hope this helps.

1. 'It’s not point and shoot though he has to press the camera icon on the touch screen before it will take pictures...'
When you turn the camera on, it will be at the main screen, where you can choose to take a picture, video, enter album, WiFi, or settings.
The term point and shoot indicates that everything is automatic - including color, ISO, white balance, focus, etc. This is what this camera does. So I am a bit confused when you claim it is not point and shoot.

2. 'you can’t automatically see the picture taken.. you have to go to albums to see the photos '
After you take a picture, it will show on the screen for ~0.5 second. This is to ensure that kids can take pictures continuously without interruptions. To go back to album to view more pictures, simply press the return icon and then album icon.

3. 'sharing the photos and printing is also tricky'
Can you please elaborate on this? The easiest way is to transfer the photo to your phone via the App wirelessly, and then print it out from the cellphone. It's simply done with a few taps - way easier than any other similar products.

Please let us know if this has addressed your concerns.

Kidamento Support Team

Niece loved it!

Bought this for my niece and she loved it. She kept using it and it was great quality. Easy to use

Niece loved it!

Gifted this to my niece, and she loved it! Great quality and easy to use!

Great price

I purchased model C as a Christmas gift. Looks like a great lil camera for kids. I am thinking grandson will love it.
Price was great and shipping was very fast.

Amazing Classroom Tool!

I am so impressed with this camera! My students LOVED it. The camera is easy to use by my students, it fits perfectly in their hands. The sticker paper is amazing and my students love putting their stickers on their water bottles and binders. The camera and its photos make for a great home-school connection and my classroom parents are so impressed by this tool. I have started using it for monthly “show me” lessons and the photos are amazing. Highly recommend this camera!

the cutest

This is the cutest model. If it only had the selfie option, it would be perfect. I actually bought 2 cameras - I got this as a backup because it was on sale and qualified me for free shipping. I'm glad I did because my 6 year old broke the business end of the lanyard-charger on the model K, and they have the same cord. He was utterly distraught, and it was a very happy moment when I produced this ultra-cute backup camera with the same cord. I had been planning to gift it to another child, but now we have 2. I'm good with that - they're great little cameras. Maybe don't let your kids try to plug in the cords, though?

cute, thoughtfully designed

I'll be giving this to my 6 year old son for a birthday gift, so I opened it today to give it a trial run. Lovely box, and when I opened it the camera was so cute and so tiny, my own inner kid just melted. I like the thoughtfulness of the design - the cable that charges and transfers data and also works as a lanyard is so clever. The silicone cover that protects ports while decorating the camera is also sweet, simple and functional. I like how the lens cap is securely attached, soft, and simple to take on and off. It took me a frustrating 5 minutes to learn that one USB port on my mac laptop charges the camera, and the other one communicates with it, but after I got that figured out it was easy to access the trial photo I took. I wish I had found this before getting the instax mini, I think this will be a more useful camera in our digital household. I hope my son will like it as much as I do.

Great camera!

It's light, very easy easy to use. My kids absolutely love it! We take it on our walks!


The staff respond me really kindly and quickly whenever I had questions.
I was so grateful and relieved whenever I get his/her answers.
The delivery was also fast enough. Most of all, the camera was so perfect!!!
It is so cute and soft. Perfect fit of my little one’s small hands.
The UI is clear and easy to understand so even my 3 years old daughter can use it with my little help.
My daughter loves it with the stickers. They made a really perfect birthday for my daughter with a beautiful item.

So cute and fun

This is so absolutely perfect for little hands and curious minds. We have a 3 year old who is obsessed with taking pictures and was always stealing our phones. Now she has her own camera and is so proud of her creations. The little stickers are so cute and fun and make her love taking pictures when more. The overall use is easy for her to understand and easy for the adults to maneuver. I do wish some of the settings were less easy for her to change, but not enough to make it a negative. Great product, super fun, super cute, well made, and perfect for the little photographer in your life.

Bought one for each of my grandchildren ( boy and girl age 2 and 4 ). The younger mimics everything the older does.

Will be a Christmas gift.

Excited to see what they can do with these cameras.

Easy to order and received in good packaging.

Great purchase!

We ordered this for our 2 year old daughter. She’s been testing it out and taking pictures of both people and her surroundings and loves that it has a digital screen. We have her to upload any pics but are so impressed with how it functions like a real camera and is a creative outlet for our little one. It was a great find and have been suggesting it to all our friends/family with kids!

Hi Jennifer,

Wow it's amazing your 2 year old daughter is having fun with the camera! I hope this camera will help her develop her creative skills, key hand-eye coordination skills, visual spatial skills just to name a few. Have lots of fun!


Wanted to love - good printer, lacklustre camera

I wanted to love this camera way more than I - and my child - actually do. The printing of pics is the best part. It is cheap, easy, and they’re good black and white quality. We basically just use the camera though as a printer for pictures I’ve taken on my own phone, because the camera itself leaves a lot to be desired. There is considerable lag time between the picture button being pressed, and the photo actually being taken, resulting in blurry pictures almost every time. If you hold very steady for a good 1-2 seconds after hitting the button then you can get a clear picture, but this is impossible for a child to do. The picture also isn’t displayed on the screen right after taking it, like with most digital cameras, so my child rushes to press the display button, to see the picture, making holding the camera steady for long enough extra challenging. If the picture was displayed for a moment after being taken, that would be helpful. Furthermore, the video sound is completely garbled, making this feature not very useable either. In short, great printer of pictures, and lovely customer service, but not so great otherwise.

Hi Tara,

Thanks for sharing your experience. First of all I am glad that you enjoying the printing part of the camera. Moreover, I still remember replying to your txt messages regarding MicroSD card installation (we've created a video instruction for that thanks for reporting the opportunity) and the software update. I am glad to answer your questions&concerns below.

- The delay after you press the shutter button to when the picture is actually captured is about half a second. While this is longer than a mobile phone camera which takes picture almost instantly, and people get used to this nowadays, it is considerably shorter delay compared to similar entry level toy digital cameras (normally ~1 seconds). With a little bit of practice, kids will learn it quickly. Practicing eye-hand coordination is a key to develop their fine motor skills. Due to instant printing feature, this camera is set at a slightly longer delay than Model C and Model K. We are testing whether or not we can further shorten the timer of Model P.

- After snapping a picture, it will display for a very short period on the screen. This is designed to be like that so kids can take pictures continuously without having to wait for too long before taking a new photo. We can look into running tests to update the timer as well. Thanks for the suggestion.

- We are rolling out the software upgrade to the gen 1 models to improve the microphone and speaker to reduce the noises in sound. I will txt you once it is complete. It should be good to go this week. Will keep you posted.

Thank you again for leaving us your review. We appreciate all your invaluable feedback. If there is anything else I can help with, do not hesitate to txt me.


Perfect for Kiddos

My little guy LOVES his camera. It makes him feel so special and grown up that he can take his own pictures and see them right there on the screen. My husband and I were so surprised at how GOOD the camera is. Amazing quality and product. Highly recommend.

Hello Shaina,

Thank you so much for sharing the love! Glad to learn that the camera makes him feel special. Have lots of fun!

Thank you,

Great camera and good price

Bought this for our 3yo because she was begging for a camera. We wanted something fairly inexpensive and easy to use for her, knowing it would be abused. This camera was perfect for the job and we will likely buy additional ones in the future!

Hello Stuart,

So happy to know your 3yo loves playing with it! Have lots of fun. Play and learn!


Excellent camera and service

The camera is very cute and my four year old son loves using it. He especially loves the cute frames and overlays that can be applied to the photos.

When Amazon delivery lost my package due to routing issues, Kidamento customer service was able to quickly ship me a new one.

Hi Kayla,

Thank you so much for your review! We are proud of our customer service!