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Cute & simple to use!

Cute little camera ! I bought for my granddaughter who just turned 5 & she had no problem taking pictures, it’s so easy to use & was dropped a few times with no issues

Great little camera

Purchased for my 4 year old. She love the camera, easy to charge, use and view your pictures. Only issue I have is that the lens cover is separate from the protective case and we are always looking for it.

Would still recommend for a first camera!!

Great camera!

We got this for my daughters first birthday. She’s always using our phones to take pictures, so we wanted a durable camera that is simple enough to use but also takes great photos. This camera does not disappoint!

fantastique caméra

Des heures de bonheur et de rires, les filles ont eues beaucoup de plaisirs, merci pour votre bon produit.

My daughter just loves her camera and takes it with her everywhere she goes! Thank you Kidamento :)

Such a great camera!

This camera is the cutest!! It's SO simple for my 5 year old to use which I love! She LOVEs how cute it is and ironically that makes it a better camera. As a photographer we often put stuffed toys or stickers on our cameras to get kids to smile and her kitty camera has the same affect on her friends so Bravo on the smart design!! The little emoji stickers she can add to the photos are adorable and she LOVES adding bows to Daddy's head ;) The little kitty lens cap face does come off the case kind of easy so she's careful not to lose it (just a heads up for moms of littles who may not be so careful with it).

great support

Kidamento have a wondeful after sale support

Great Gift

Bought this camera for my granddaughter’s 4th Birthday. She was so excited when she opened up her gift and immediately started taking photos. She had it figured out right away and was thrilled by all features. Love the look and feel of the camera. So happy with the purchase.

Best gift ever

I gifted this to my 7 years old niece for her birthday and she loves it. She loves the selfie mode and filters. Ever since she got it she has it by her side all the time except when she goes to school. I bought it from Canada and had it shipped to her address in States. Fast delivery and excellent customer service.

All that kids need

Bought this for my 4yo. Like the big screen size as the images taken show similar to the phone cameras. It also has a selfie feature. Easy to navigate. After couple disappointments from amazon, finally found something that kids can enjoy.
Very reliable, and great customer service.
Thank you for incorporating all those little features and cute design.

Love love love it

I love the design, and the options. It's simple, doesn’t double as a video game, and my four year old LOVES IT.

Camera review

My 5 year old granddaughter has enjoyed playing with her camera.

Zippy Touchscreen Camera

Absolutely love the Zippy camera! The ease of use is wonderful and the quality is exceptional! Such a cute camera too 😍 Will definitely be grabbing another one so my kids don't have to fight over it. Customer service goes above and beyond as well. Great company, great products.

Fantastic - my 8 year old loves it!!!

Perfect toy - my daughter loves taking photos and this has been a perfect camera for her. She figured it out on day one and it does not leave her side :) Really great also as a learning and creative toy

Beautiful Camera

We have been so pleased with our cameras. They are very durable, beautiful, and easy for kids to use. On top of that, the customer service has been above and beyond!

excellent customer services

Got this for my 4 years old, the cutest camera for my daughter, I love the protection of the camera and have excellent customer services, I requested an extra cover for the lenses and they sent it same day. We are very with the camera

This thing is way GOODS

This is the 3rd camera I purchase for my nephew.....
2 Off Amazon, both had good reviews, they were trash I sent them back. So this is number 3! (I dont play around i like takeing photos and want my nephew to have a good experience)I feel people don't test the cameras they give to their children? Because if they did they would never have given them a good review! I had to do a fair amount of looking for a better child's camera, but I finally found these guys. I'm glad I did this is almost a real camera! Very easy to use, I tested the app it works but I'd rather just pull the memory card. Anyway It's 1000% better than the other kids cameras I purchased. I tested it for 2+ days. So I can honestly say it's the GOODS!

Great camera, could use a few fixes

Overall this is a great kids camera. Light, easy to use, good quality photos. Our child loves it and takes it everywhere. It does force a time and date stamp onto all of the photos with no option to turn them off, which is annoying.

All Around great for the kiddos!

My son loves his Kidamento camera. We have lot of laughs with the filters on the selfie camera.

There are 3 small items that could be improved. First the shutter button also being the power button. It was a learning curve and caused a bit of frustration for a new camera user to understand that holding that button too long would turn the camera off rather than take the picture. Could you maybe make the power trigger on a longer press? You do have the on screen power option too so that's good.
Second the sound quality of the videos are not great. I wasn't sure if it was the cute casing obstructing the microphone but it does need work, we tried speaking louder, softer, closer and a normal distance but the playback was not desirable.
Last, the camera cover,cute animal face, the little ball that keeps it attached to the case body comes off all the time, my husband ended up super gluing it to keep it on.

All in all a very fun and cute camera for our budding photographer.

Great little kid camera

We're quite happy with the camera we bought. It's small so it's easily used by little kid hands. The picture and video quality are great. We love that it doesn't have any games so our child can focus on the creativity and the artistic part of photography/videography rather than any kind of game; a more organic imagination experience than if our child had games to guide them with.

One improvement would be how the cover and the strap attachment are set up as one has to remove the cover to use the strap attachment. It's more of a minor nuisance than a negative thing about the camera.
Also not a fan of the lens cover set up, but can't really suggest anything constructive so again, it's more of a nuisance than a negative.

Overall we're very happy with it and would buy another.

Excellent product!

This camera is perfect for my 3 1/2 year old! She takes pictures, and is learning how to use the filters and video. The lens cover quickly became a separate toy, so I had to put it away to avoid losing it.

Santa's Gift 2020 Christmas Limited Edition 24MP WiFi Rear + Selfie Kids Digital Camera and Video Camcorder 2 in 1
Great photos

I was truly amazed at the quality of the photos. My 7yo loves having his own camera. Easy to use, excellent quality, durable, and perfect for little hands.

Frog - 32MP Kids Digital Camera - Model C
Happy Grandma

We gave your C1 model camera to our 4 year old Granddaughter for Christmas. Compared to other kid's camera's on the market, it works great! She says, "It's her favourite Christmas present!" What more could we ask for! :D
PS Customer service was efficient and helpful too!

Waiting on a lens cover

Camera seems to be of good quality. However, each time my daughter removed the lens cover from the camera, it fell off in her hand. After three or four uses it was lost. I don't think it's a great design to have it be detachable from the silicone case that covers the actual camera (and gives the camera its kitty or sloth identity), and certainly not as designed since the button that holds it to the case easily pulls out of its hole.

At any rate, I chatted up CS and they offered to send me a new one, but that was several days ago and the thread has gone quiet. Perhaps this review will spark a response. If/When I get a replacement lens cover, I'm going to permanently affix it with glue, thread, or possibly multiple security means. Recommend a redesign!

What a wonder gift

This camera was such a hit for my best friend’s daughter who just turned 4. She loves being able to take her own photos. This camera was definitely worth it!! I love it, and shipping was so fast!