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Meowie - Kids Digital Camera - Model K

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Kids and parents alike cannot resist the adorable toy cameras we have dubbed Meowie, thanks to her cute, soft, and silicone-safe cases and lens covers. Beyond her delicate pink coloring, children will love taking pictures and videos using the full-color IPS touchscreen. Why not let your children have an organic imagination experience?

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  • KID-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Featuring a cute, brightly coloured animal design, this children's digital camera is a joy to handle. A large 3" IPS touchscreen makes it easy for little hands to build confidence adjusting the various modes and settings.
  • SAFE, DURABLE SILICONE: The kids' digital camcorder is made with a detachable lightweight silicone covering that is comfortable for kids to hold and tough enough to endure dropping and rough play. The silicone is eco-friendly and PVC, phthalate and BPA-free.
  • SMART MODES AND FEATURES: The toy digital camera offers popular features like filters and frames, face recognition, a selfie timer, night mode and burst mode, providing kids with lots of fun ways to explore their creativity and build on their skills.
  • GOOD QUALITY IMAGES & VIDEO: The 48MP (interpolated) kids' camera for girls and boys offers the best toy camera resolution, and aspiring filmmakers can also enjoy recording their own fun skits and movies using the HD video option.
  • EASY WIRELESS TRANSFER: There is no need for kids to fiddle with those fragile, easy-to-lose memory cards when using this mini kids' digital camera. Photos can be easily printed or transferred between devices wirelessly using a convenient camera app.


        Model: Model K 
        Photo Resolution: 48MP Up to 8,000 x 6,000 (Interpolated) 
        Video Resolution: 1,980 x 1,080  
        Screen Size: 3” IPS Full-color Touchscreen 
        Voltage: 5V⎓1A 
        Battery: 1,000 mAh 
        Storage: TF/MicroSD Card Up To 32GB (Free 16GB Memory Card Included) 
        Weight: 0.12kg (0.27lb) 
        Dimensions: L9.5 x W5.2 x H6.8 cm (3.7" x 2.0" x 2.7")

        vs. VTech Kidizoom Duo DX

        Kidamento Model K

        Vtech Kidizoom Duo Dx



        $99.99 (Walmart)

        Current Retail Price


        $88.42 (Amazon.ca)





        Built-in 1,000 mAh lithium rechargeable battery

        4 x AA batteries


        Light (125g)

        Heavy (360g)


        Perfect for small hands



        3-Inch full-color IPS touchscreen

        2.4-Inch LCD screen


        ✓✓ better quality


        ✓✓ better quality



        Image Stabilization

        Night Mode


        Neck Strap

        Face Detection



        Filters and Frames




        6 months

        3 months


        In the Box

        1 x Model K Digital Camera (Sloth/Cat) 
        1 x 32GB MicroSD Card (some of the product packaging may suggest 16GB but they all have 32GB) 
        1 x Lanyard+USB Cable+Charging Cable 3 in 1 
        1 x User Manual 
        1 x Warranty Card 
        1 x Cartoon Stickers


        Special Note

        When we released our Model K cameras in October of 2020, we wanted to make sure that this product was the most advanced digital camera for kids around the world. Our upgraded features include the best-in-class toy camera sensors, a 3-inch full-color touchscreen, and wireless app connectivity to both iOS and Android. We also developed a unique 3-in-1 neck strap and countless ways to expand your child’s imagination with engaging filters and frames. 


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        Any further questions? Reach out to the live chat or email support@kidamento.ca.


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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 122 reviews
        Great Product!

        We gave this to our 4 year old for Christmas as she loves the idea of taking photos. Well she now loves the ability to do it for real and not just pretend. It only took her a couple of minutes to navigate how to take photos as well as look at photos she has taken. The fact that this camera also has the ability to take photos from the front and back is an added bonus I wasn't aware of but my daughter loved to take many selfies with. We have so many photos of random things, I think after the first day she took 250 photos. Battery life and memory card capacity are amazing! We have had some challenges, such as the frozen screen and "no memory card" but troubleshooting info comes with the product and they are easy fixes. Though I find it is a bit difficult to work the memory card as the first time I popped it out it went flying but that was 100% my error and lesson learned. This isn't a gift that is going to be set aside for long, it is so promising for taking on adventures and brings so much joy and independence.

        Caitlyn S.
        Amazing kid camera

        We got this for our five year old for Christmas, and it was a huge hit! She loves taking photos and selfies and it is very easy to use and understand. It is also super cute, seems very durable, and also small and light enough for her to handle easily. Really is a fantastic camera that I highly recommend.

        The only con I have is that the battery life is very short. We fully charged it, and the camera was dead within 30 minutes. I thought maybe it wasn’t charged long enough even though it showed full battery, so we charged it overnight, and this morning the battery again only lasted about 30 minutes. She is just going to use it at home, so it isn’t a problem, just something to keep in mind if you plan on getting this for use outside the home!

        Hi Caitlyn,

        Thank you very much for your review. Can you please email our friendly support team support@kidamento.ca? The battery of this model is fairly large capacity, and should certainly last longer than 30 minutes on a full charge. Our team will help you do some simple troubleshooting and provide you with a solution until you are 100% happy.


        Kiddo loves it

        This was our 3yo's Christmas gift and she loves it. Christmas day she took almost 400 photos and two short videos. She likes exploring the different filters and color options. Can't wait to see how her skill improves and view the world through her eyes.

        Ashley Moore Moore
        Cute and fun but not easy to use

        Really wanted to love this.. it’s light weight and our 4 year old loved receiving this gift. It’s not point and shoot though he has to press the camera icon on the touch screen before it will take pictures and you can’t automatically see the picture taken.. you have to go to albums to see the photos.. not great for a little one that needs instant feedback.. sharing the photos and printing is also tricky .. great idea but overall we are disappointed with this product

        Hi Ashley,

        Thank you for leaving a review. We attempted to reach out but haven't received a reply from you.

        Let me list your concerns below and then I will answer them one by one. Hope this helps.

        1. 'It’s not point and shoot though he has to press the camera icon on the touch screen before it will take pictures...'
        When you turn the camera on, it will be at the main screen, where you can choose to take a picture, video, enter album, WiFi, or settings.
        The term point and shoot indicates that everything is automatic - including color, ISO, white balance, focus, etc. This is what this camera does. So I am a bit confused when you claim it is not point and shoot.

        2. 'you can’t automatically see the picture taken.. you have to go to albums to see the photos '
        After you take a picture, it will show on the screen for ~0.5 second. This is to ensure that kids can take pictures continuously without interruptions. To go back to album to view more pictures, simply press the return icon and then album icon.

        3. 'sharing the photos and printing is also tricky'
        Can you please elaborate on this? The easiest way is to transfer the photo to your phone via the App wirelessly, and then print it out from the cellphone. It's simply done with a few taps - way easier than any other similar products.

        Please let us know if this has addressed your concerns.

        Kidamento Support Team

        Niece loved it!

        Bought this for my niece and she loved it. She kept using it and it was great quality. Easy to use

        Meowie - Kids Digital Camera - Model K

        $94.99 CAD