Our Story

When we entered the proud world of parenthood, we joined the ranks of other parents who record each and every giggle they gain from playing this little piggy on their babies’ delicious tiny toes.

Capturing our children grow through pictures and video is a way of holding onto an instant out of time. We are creating memories. Because memories allow us to be transported back to a moment otherwise forgotten.

And photography is our return ticket.

But soon, all those moments we collect like smiles for a rainy day become harder to capture.

But what if our little ones could be the navigator of their own memories?

We are Zoe and Roland, husband and wife duo, and the creators of Kidamento.

When children combine our cameras with play, they enter through a gateway to another world. A world with less screen time and more imagination, less time wasted and more time valued, and ultimately, more memories.

It’s the unique way they interact with their siblings, the goofy storytelling they create with their stuffies; it’s how they connect to their world.

We created Kidamento for children and parents alike. Because we want to return children to a world of wonder and imagination, a place where ordinary play becomes extraordinary keepsakes.  

To many, it may seem like a simple toy camera, but to the parents of the world, we know they see our product as a gateway to imagination and as a memory-maker.

We are proud to be a part of nurturing your children’s growth, imagination, and memory-making.


Zoe & Roland

Kidamento Inc.