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Throughout the year, evaluates products from all over the world. In March of 2022, they reviewed the best kid-friendly digital cameras currently available. Much to the delight of Kidamento, their Model K camera came out on top.

What is is on a mission; to help every consumer buy the best stuff. They have a team of product experts. They put in the hard work of testing the products so that the consumer doesn’t have to.

Every product is evaluated in their testing lab in Cambridge, MA. They give rigid, objective, hands-on testing to measure the quality of a product. They are trusted because they are transparent about their process, ensuring that consumers will always know how they came to their conclusions.

The Testing Process

The tester was Janelle Randazza, a parenting writer for Each camera was rigorously tested by her, her 7-year-old son, and his friends, ages 3 to 8. Their testing rubric included many categories, the first being: ease of use, such as turning the camera on, setting it up, and shooting countless photos and hours of video.

The ease-of-use category was largely judged by how intuitive the camera was. She stated that if a child couldn’t independently get a camera to work, they docked points. Next, they looked at durability. They dropped each camera on a concrete driveway from approximately 3-feet high.

After durability was decided they moved on to storage. The storage category included storage in the memory cards, how the cameras charged (some were battery, some plugged in), and how well they held their charge. It didn’t appear that there was any preference over battery versus plug-in.

Lastly, they looked at photo quality. They used their 12-week-old puppy as their subject to see which camera was best at capturing a clear image. They decided that a clear photo of a moving subject would put the camera at the top of their list.

The list of cameras they reviewed is as follows:

  1. Kidamento Model K
  2. Olympus Tough TG-6
  3. Prograce Kids’ Digital Camera
  4. Vtech Kidizoom PrintCam
  5. Zila Kidywolf
  6. Kodak Smile Instant Print
  7. Vtech Kidizoom Duo DX
  8. Vtech Kidizoom
  9. Kodak Printomatic

Kidamento® Takes the Win and is Selected Best Overall

Kidamento’s Model K camera was voted Editor’s Choice Best Overall Camera. Testers loved its compact size, its soft yet grippy body, and its intuitive and easy-to-use features. And despite coming with an instruction manual, it was never needed. It is ready to use after its initial charge.

The cuteness factor of the Model K camera was a definitive win for its young testers and its durable, yet soft case gives parents a sense of relief that their child isn’t going to destroy it. If you intend to encourage a budding photographer or videographer, then this model is deemed the perfect selection.

This is because it puts photo-taking first and foremost, with no distracting games. Beyond the lack of games, the camera is made to capture 48-megapixels giving it the best photo quality around. The fact that it is automated helps little ones to capture the best photos, even if they are still learning.

Another highlighted feature was its large viewing screen, which allows kids to support their photos with cute frames, icons, and emojis. Kids loved being able to personalize any pictures taken. They also loved the built-in selfie cam, and the F3.8 lens guarantees all photos are crisp and clean.

The app that lets children and parents download pictures to a tablet or phone over wi-fi was deemed to be brilliant. Lastly, the intuitive touch screen is laid out perfectly for young children to easily grasp and will help prepare them for more challenging cameras down the line.  

Overall, the Kidamento Model K was selected as the Best Overall Camera based on the following pros:

  • Excellent photo quality
  • Intuitive Features
  • Large Viewing Screen

Here is the link to the original review:

This review is released on Mar 23, 2022 and is not sponsored by Kidamento. 

Kidamento®: The Brand and Cameras

Kidamento was created in 2019 with the knowledge that kids love to take pictures. In doing so, they get to capture the world through their own eyes and create memories. It is with this in mind that these memories become mementos for them to keep, thus the brand Kidamento was born.

Each one of Kidamento’s cameras is known for its great photo quality, intuitive features, appealing design, and durability.

The Model C cameras come in the form of Mikayo the Bear or Akito the Fox. They are best suited for ages 3-6 and a perfect first camer choice for curious shutterbugs thanks to their compact size, lightweight capacity, and indestructible design of super-soft shock-proof silicone.

Next are the Model K cameras and the winner of They come in two adorable forms, Meowie the Cat, and Zippy the Sloth. This model comes with the simplest design, with a large 3” intuitive high-quality touchscreen, a built-in selfie feature, a detachable lens cover, and a one-button configuration that make it best suited for ages 3-9.

Lastly is the Model P, an instant print and digital camera combination known as Koko the Panda. This lovable model makes for the most exciting unboxing experience thanks to its fun accessories including a scavenger hunt photobook, sticker sheet, and more and is designed for ages 5-10. It encourages a no-mess, no-fuss instant print for all captured photosthanks to an ink-free camera and the inclusion of BPS-free paper where childen can colour their creations in seconds.

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