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Koko the Panda - Model P
Ummu G.A. (Ontario)

I bought it as a birthday gift for my 8 year old daughter. He liked it very much, it is a very nice product, I highly recommend it. I gave it 4 stars because it does not provide color output. It's nice in black and white, too, but if it could print color, I'd give it 5 stars.

Meowie the Cat - Model K
Edgars K. (England)
5 star

I bought the Kidamento for my child a few months ago, and they haven't put it down since! They love how easy it is to use and take c
We've gotten some great photos with it. The battery life seems good so far, and the camera feels sturdy enough to handle being dropped (which is inevitable with kids!). Overall, we're very happy with this camera!

Koko the Panda - Model P
Normita C. (California)

My 5 year old grand daughter loves the camera.
Thank you

Meowie the Cat - Model K
Anita H. (California)
Great camera!

Purchased this for one of my grandkids. She absolutely loves it and the extra features, like adding stickers to her pictures made her very happy. Easy to use.

Silicone Bag - Purple Unicorn
Arabhel J. (British Columbia)
My sister loves it!

I gifted this to her and she loved it! She does her vlogs, take pictures of us and take recordings of herself like a star

Silicone Bag - Kidamento Green
Alison S. (England)
Great quality

Great bag for a wonderful camera. My grandson loves it.

Zippy the Sloth - Model K
Catie F. (Minnesota)

Zippy the Sloth - Model K

Koko the Panda - Model P
Sue H. (Ontario)
Model P

I bought 2 cameras for my twin granddaughters and they were the hit of the birthday party. They are only 3 and have mastered working the camera although printed far too many pictures the first day. I’ll be ordering more film for them for sure

Koko the Panda - Model P
Angela (Arizona)
Cute camera

My 9 year old daughter loves her camera. It is very easy to operate and she loves recording videos. Also, their customer service support team is timely in response and ready to help.

Iris the Unicorn - Model V
hongru w. (Texas)
Great design but lanyard is loose

Great design as it is purple and unicorn; picture resolution is not great but good enough for toddlers. Definitely drop proof as my kids have dropped it multiple times and it survived! The lanyard is very loose and fell off easily which is a minus point. As I am sure we will lose the charging cable soon if it is not attached to the camera.

Hi Hi Hongru,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We're truly sorry to hear about the inconvenience you experienced with the lanyard becoming loose. It's not normal to have loose lanyard. We will also contact you via our support email ( to arrange for a replacement lanyard to be sent to you.

Please feel free to reach out to our customer support team for further assistance. We are dedicated to resolving this matter promptly and ensuring your satisfaction with our product.

Kidamento Inc.

Koko the Panda - Model P
Lara F. (British Columbia)
we love Koko the Panda

I bought this as a gift for my 10 year old who loves to be creative and take pictures and videos. She loves it! We especially love that she can print out photos and save them on the camera too

Zippy the Sloth - Model K
Bart T. (New York)

Got for my 3 year old granddaughter for her birthday! She loves it

Meowie the Cat - Model K
Barbara S. (Quebec)
Super !

Ma fille de 3 ans adore cet appareil, elle s’amuse beaucoup !

Akito the Fox - Model C
C.T. (Connecticut)
Akito the Fox - Model C

I bought this first camera for my 3 year old grandson. I love using my camera over the phone, and wanted to be able to share this activity with him. He just LOVES it! Click, click, clicks everywhere and loves looking at what pictures he took! The long lanyard is a great addition! Worth every penny.

Great camera!

Gave it as a gift to our grandchild for his 4th birthday. He loves it and it was popular with all of the kids. Hope it triggers an interest in the arts and creativity for him. Highly recommended!

Fabulous gift for our 5 year old grandson. He loves it.

Koko the Panda - Model P
Lindsay C. (British Columbia)
Awesome Kids Camera

Love the ease of taking a photo and having the kids take and print as many as they want. Great memorabilia for kids to take and leave with grandparents, siblings and friends. The paper goes a long way and is inexpensive to replace. We love the classic B&W look and it's super easy to use. Highly recommend! Company also has wonderful customer service.

Koko the Panda - Model P
Kate (Saskatchewan)

We gave this camera to our 4 year old for her birthday and she absolutely loves it.
It took her no time at all to figure it out and start taking photos.

Meowie the Cat - Model K
CLAIRE R. (Massachusetts)
Not yet

The camera is intended for my grand daughter but her birthday isn't until June so I haven't given it to her yet.


The prints did not live up to the hype. The paper doesn’t sit well in the holder and half the time it prints out in half / squished images and it doesn’t fully print the image. The digital part is great. Printing is disappointing. Constantly have to readjust the paper to print properly.

Hi Kim,

It seems you might be experiencing some printing issues with the sticker rolls. Please ensure that the sticker rolls are properly installed on the fixture for optimal performance. We also have some helpful videos available that could guide you through the setup process!

- How to install sticker printing rolls:
- How to install the fixture to sticker printing rolls?
- How to install regular printing rolls?

Hope this helps!
Kidamento team

5 year old daughter loves it

My daughter takes this camera everywhere! It's been a big hit! Excellent customer service as well!

Iris the Unicorn - Model V
Greg S. (Oklahoma)

Review of seller:
I purchased the camera for my granddaughter's 7th birthday, ordering it to be sent directly to her home which is far from mine. My son reports that it works well in both still and video mode, and that she's having a wonderful time with it. Since I haven't seen it in action my review is based on Kidamento's outstanding customer service. Something went wrong in the package's
addressing; and my tracking showed that it was being returned to the sender. Kidamento's friendly response to my notification was immediate; and within a day or so a new camera was on it's way. The timing was such that it may well have been sent before the problem package was received. I couldn't have asked for more. Five stars.

Akito the Fox - Model C
Anais F. (Île-de-France)
Nice camera

Birthday gift for my 5 years old son who loved it! Very cute design, very easy to use. I recommend it!

Great customer service!

We gave our granddaughter a Kidamento camera for Xmas, she loved it! After returning from Florida 3 months later, she told us that she couldn't charge the camera, as there was a problem with the cable. I contacted Kidamento to see if they could help us, and they responded very quickly and told me they would send a new cable, no charge. Problem solved, great service, happy granddaughter! Thanks Kidamento!

Meowie the Cat - Model K
Mary B. (Indiana)
Everything is great, minus the shutter button

This would have gotten a 5-star review, minus (2) Items:
-The shutter button can stick, causing the button to remained pushed and in turn turning off the camera unexpectedly.
-The back button on the touch screen is in the same spot as the settings button, so when my preschooler impatiently clicks through the back button, they end up clicking in the settings, not sure how to get back to the menu he wanted.

Everything else is fabulous, easy to use, durable, and my preschooler absolutely loves their camera!