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Zippy the Sloth - Model K
Shayla Christine
So fun!

My daughter loves this and taking photos. She’s two and sometimes she gets lost in the touchscreen but I love it!

Best camera I ever purchased

I got this camera for my daughter she’s 7!! She loves it! It’s easy for her to use she takes pictures and videos and even uses the filters. This was the best camera I got for her and the pictures are so clear!!


I have a 4 year old daughter who loves taking pictures. She overly loves this kid amen to camera because it Simulates an adult camera that can actually Capture quality pictures.

Cute, good quality pictures and easy to navigate and set up

Got this for my niece's birthday she loved it and has been taking pictures and videos. The charging cable that converts to a lanyard is a such cool and convenient feature


My lil one loves this camera so much... she's posted pictures of the entire family all over the house.... she may have found her future career 😉

Meowie the Cat - Model K
Danielle Sapienza
The best kid camera!

My daughter is obsessed with her camera! She loves taking pictures, showing them off and printing them! It’s such a fun hobby for her!

Lovely Gift Idea!

we love the simplicity of the design and the creative outlet this gives to capturing outdoor family memories together!

I don't know how to edit my other review

I'm so slow 😂 the lanyard IS the charger!!! It's such a cute camera, the charger is well disguised 😂

Meowie the Cat - Model K
Veronica Merritt

It's really cute I just wish it came with a charger.

Cutest camera ever

Absolutely love this camera !!! My daughter can not get enough of this camera !!! Plays and takes pictures all day long highly recommend this camera

Fun way to create beautiful memories

My daughter is absolutely loving her camera and printer. We love bringing it along with us for nature walks and doing a photo scavenger hunt! Her favourite part has to be coming home and printing out all the pictures she took. She is so proud of her pictures and loves to show it to everyone!

My Daughter is Obsessed 🤍

This little camera has kept my toddler busy for days, she brings it with her every time we leave the house and shared it with all her friends. A very sweet gift idea that fosters independence and creativity.

Fun Camera!

We bought this camera for our son’s 7th Birthday!
He loves it so much. I’m also excited we never have to buy ink. Great purchase.

Zippy the Sloth - Model K

Granddaughter loves it.

Unfortunately, I do not live in the same state as my GD, but I video chatted and she is having so much fun with the camera. She's only had four days, so we'll see how it goes.

Great Camera To Let Kids Explore Independently

This instant kids camera is PERFECT for my 7 year old son. It's simple and intuitive to use, so he can manage the whole process on his own. and the film is affordable enough that I'm not micromanaging his picture printing.

ILove this camera!

Didn't know we needed this!

My son is having a blast taking pictures! I love watching him explore his surroundings through his own camera. It is easy to use, lightweight, and so cute. I definitely recommend.

Wonderful Product

Our children are loving this. They are 5&3 years old. This is easy to use, charge and the battery is long lasting. Also the touch screen is perfect.


This is the perfect camera for my child - easy to use and great quality pictures. The customer service we have received is amazing! We had an issue come up and they promptly did everything to make it better. We couldn’t be more please.


We love this camera!! The quality is so good and the photo quality is so clear! Highly recommend!

We love it!

I gave a 4 star rating because I feel the sloth lens cover should be attached because my 3 year old keeps misplacing it!

Akito the Fox - Model C
Wilshire Wilshire

I don’t have details yet since we just offered the camera to a friend as a gift. His first impression was very positive!

Love this camera!

My daughter loves this camera! She’s 6 and it’s easy for her to work on her own. Her favorite part is how it prints photos. So far we’ve used to sticker rolls and she can print and stick her photos in an album. Highly recommend!

So much fun!

My 4 kids (11, 8, 6, & 4) have all had so much fun with this camera! They love taking pictures and printing them out. The paper is wonderful, because it allws then to print pictures that can be handled with tiny hands, too! On top of all that, it takes pretty decent pictures that can be saved and shared electronically! I will definitely be telling others about this great kid-friendly camera!

Perfect for kids

Got this as a little gift for my daughter (5 years old) as she love taking photos, the screen is big, she gets easily access the photos and videos that she took, having so much fun taking our daily life and her fun time with her brother (3 years old). Definitely loving it.