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Build lovable memories through children's eyes.

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Did you know that camera is a perfect toy to develop a child's cognitive skills, build memories and strengthen family bonds?

That's why we design easy to use, lightweight, high quality, parent-affordable kids digital toy cameras that have the undeniable kid-appeal.

Ignite children's Imagination

A kid’s world is pretty magical, and what better way to capture and be a part of it than to see it through their eyes.

how camera benefits children

A peek into children's world

The pictures they take give you another opportunity to understand their true feelings, hobbies and interests that could be otherwise ignored.

why less screentime

Why Kidamento camera?

Our charming cameras give your budding photographer the ability to take best-in-class photos and videos with one simple click and are best suited for ages 3-9.

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We listen to your voice, and accommodate to the next level.

Read the TONE in our testimonials from parents like you, and from professional photographers.

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