Frequently Asked Questions

Short answer is YES. And you can transfer photos/videos to your computer with the USB cable included. All of our cameras offer App + WiFi connectivity to transfer and share wirelessly within seconds. 

Photo and video quality of Kidamento camera is undoubtedly at the top of the class among all kids cameras you can find on this planet. Above are some real unedited photos taken by our camera. Please be aware that our cameras are designed for kids - we have no intent to make you have an impression that they could be compared to professional cameras or high end cell phones cameras. 

Absolutely not. Kids nowadays tend to spend too much time playing video games and watching videos. The idea behind our product is to get your kids go outdoors and explore.

We have a 30-day return policy for our products. Simply send us an email at support@kidamento.ca, we will be able to help you from there. From 2019 to date we have less than 0.4% return rate. Our customers are extremely happy about our products and top-notch customer services. Click here to see the complete refund policy.

We offer 6 month limited warranty for manufacturing defects.

Please visit here for shipping info

Based on our experience, standard shipping usually takes about 4-5 business days in Canada. Expedited shipping is typically 2 business days. Our warehouses are several provinces across Canada, and we work with all major logistics company to process and handle your orders. Customers in US may receive products shipped from Canada, which normally takes 4-8 days. So rest assured, the best team is taking care of your orders! We do offer premium shipping if you are willing to pay a small cost. See the shipping section above. Holiday shipping might take longer due to higher volume for the couriers. 

No. All of our camera products come with built-in lithium ion batteries, charged via the USB cable included in all camera packages.

Under normal usage, the fully charged camera lasts about 4 to 6 hours before needing to recharge. Charging time is around 2 hours. And it can be charged wherever you could charge your phone. 

Yes. The products have passed lab tests and certified to be in comply with applicable international standards of electronic and toy products. The camera body and case are free of toxic chemicals.

We only work with top-rated responsible suppliers and target highest manufacturing and quality standards. In fact, we've received hundreds of emails from customers who purchased kids camera from other brands and ended up asking for our help because their camera was not working. Click here to see the comparison between Kidamento cameras vs. most kids camera products on Amazon and VTech Kidizoom cameras.