Kidamento "BibiCam" Camera App

What's the Camera App for?

1. Connect your camera with your cell phone via WiFi. 

2. View the photos and videos saved in your camera.

3. Download the photos/videos to your phone.

4. And many more... 

How can I download the App?

Search and download the App "BibiCam" in your App Store! 

Or simply scan the 2D matrix below:

How can I connect my phone to the camera?

1. Turn on the camera and go to "Settings".

2. Select and enter "WiFi" screen. It will pop up with a WiFi hotspot SSID. 

3. Turn on the WiFi of your cell phone, connect to the same WiFi hotspot. Ignore if your phone warns "no connection to internet" and STAY CONNECTED - the camera does not connect to internet. Some Android phones may automatically switch to a known internet ready WiFi you may have to change the settings or 'forget' your existing network as the last option.

4. Open the BiBiCam app on your phone and you can view the photos and videos saved in the inserted MicroSD memory card of the camera. You can select and download them into your phone individually or multiple at once. 

Note: Our partner app developer made a mistake in the 10/29/2021 app update, and uploaded the wrong app to the wrong country/language. This is expected to be fixed by 11/19/2021. As a result, the example below is in an Asian language.  

5. Share your photos with family, friends, social media, etc. Feel free to tag @Kidamento_camera on Instagram!! We'd love to repost!



If you are scrolling left/right the images on the App and want to download individual images, make sure you click "view the original image" first so you won't download the preview low quality photo.