Our Story

In 2019 we joined the proud world of parenthood, and with our parent initiation, we were snapping photos of our new baby as every parent wants to do. We were overcome with joy seeing the world through our child’s eyes and in this jubilation an idea sparked.

What if we let our little one capture his own memories?  

We took to the stores, but we couldn’t find any suitable camera products that met our expectations. Most of the toy cameras available were not kid-friendly; they were bulky, heavy, took poor quality pictures, and were not budget-friendly.

Memories fade, but thanks to the technology of digital pictures and videos, these captured moments can last forever. It is with this thought that we combined the words kid and memento, a way to remember a memory, to create Kidamento, the name of our company.

We knew that with our engineering and design expertise we could create a toy camera for kids. One that would not only fit the needs of parents but that also could capture the creativity of each child. Our idea was to provide affordable digital cameras for children ages 3-9, that are not only cute but can take photos and videos, and don’t include video games.

Children’s brains develop at a fast pace. We want to nurture their brains by allowing them to explore, observe, and analyze the world around them. Our cameras allow for less screen time in exchange for more critical and creative thought. And they are tailor-made for little hands with three different models.

The first model is our smallest, super-lightweight, and drop-proof, suitable for the littlest of hands. Next, we have our tech-advanced camera, slightly larger but includes a touch screen and the ability to take selfies. And lastly, our instant print model, not only allows for photos and videos but works like a Polaroid without the cost of Polaroid film; the cost of our paper won’t burn a hole in your pockets.

We also know that you will want to share and print off the magic that your little ones capture. It is with this in mind that we have made each of our cameras compatible wirelessly with both iOS and Android apps.

If what you are looking for is a way to engage your children’s imagination and creativity in a manner that lets them be in the moment and truly appreciate the world around them, then look no further.

We are proud to be Kidamento and be a part of nurturing your kids’ growth.


Zoe & Roland

Kidamento Inc.